Felix Hayns Worthington

Contact details:

Mobile: 07804801233


Address: Bristol, BS5 6ET


2009-2012: Birmingham city university                                          BA fine art (hons)

2007-June 2008: Weston college                                    Foundation diploma degree

2005-2007: Cotham 6th form                                                Three A levels (art and design, film studies, psychology)

Key creative skills

  • Highly developed illustration skills.
  • Specialised in figurative illustration using Adobe AI and PS.
  • Logo and type design using Adobe AI and PS.
  • Developing websites using HTML,CSS and Javascript.
  • Communicating well with clients during briefs.
  • Digital printing and art exhibition experience.

Creative work experience/internships

March 2013 – May 2013:                            Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Program.

During this 9 week program in Lisbon I gained experience at ‘The museum of Lisbon’. My role involved producing illustrations relevant to the collection to be used on leaflets and promotional material.

Website developing

01/11/15 – 01/01/16:                                      ‘The Lush Creperie’.

I developed this 6 page website using HTML,CSS and Javascript. I also used Adobe PS and AI to aid the layout and design process.

01/04/15 – 01/09/15:                                       ‘St Werburghs Art Trail’.

As a member of the organising committee, I was part of the web developing team. Using mostly HTML and CSS I updated the site with new registrations. I also improved the compatibility and formatting on multiple devices, and used existing design to create vibrant and welcoming pages.

Design work


01/06/14 – 01/06/15:                                     ‘Paper Studios’.

Whilst renting this studio space I built up a portfolio of sellable illustration and design that specialises in cartoonish, humouress illustrations.

01/06/15 – 01/07/15:                                       ‘The Whashing Machine’ (club night).

Flyer and logo design. I worked closely with the clients to develop the ad hoc look they wanted to represent the club night.

01/05/15 – 01/06/15:                                        ‘Shelter’, Gloucester road branch.

Artwork to decorate wall space of the charity shop. Acrylic paint and printed vinyl to create a collage
using my digital caricature work.


01/04/14 – 01/05/15:                                       ‘Spike Island’, Bristol.

Invigilating the gallery, giving tours for groups of visitors and networking with volunteers.


01/07/2012 – 01/12/14:                                  ‘Redcliffe Films’, Bristol.


Making props for films sets such as paintings and drawings.